Partners In The Field

Field assistants are critical yet underappreciated members of the ecological research community   When Raman Sukumar went to the forests of Mudumalai to study elephants for his PhD in 1978, he wanted a local person familiar with the terrain, and experienced at navigating elephant country to guide him. The forest rangers put him in touch […]

The Social Dimension of Science

Pankaj Sekhsaria is an associate professor at the Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas at IIT Bombay. In October 2020, he gave a talk based on his book Nanoscale: Society’s Deep Impact on Science, Technology and Innovation in India as part of Paraspar, a lecture series organised by the Office of Communications at IISc. […]

The Curious Case of the Disappearing Himalayan Snow

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our glaciers   With its myriad colours and the imposing mountains in the background, the confluence of two Himalayan rivers in Ladakh, Zanskar and Indus, is a sight to behold. Not surprisingly, the valley where the rivers meet is thronged by tourists. But Rizwan, a local chauffeur, seems less […]

Neurolathyrism: An Unsolved Mystery

Experiments in PS Sarma’s lab at the Department of Biochemistry in the 1960s explored a mystery disease caused by excess consumption of seeds of a controversial pulse crop   For many years, the Department of Biochemistry at IISc worked extensively on nutrition. Its researchers have analysed the importance of vitamin B1 in our diet. They […]

Building Intelligent Technology

Several IISc start-ups are exploiting technologies that involve machine learning and related areas for socially-relevant applications such as OCR, healthcare, energy management and compiler development At the office of the Worth Trust, an NGO in Chennai, a visually challenged person walks in with a Tamil book that they want to read. Although they have access […]

How MedTech Start-ups Incubated at IISc Aim to Simplify Lives

They offer a range of products from those that train doctors and improve medical procedures to ones that help vulnerable groups live more independently   In 2011, Vinay V and Nilesh Walke were classmates pursuing a Master’s degree at IISc’s Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM). They knew a member of their department workshop, […]

Up, Up and Away!

With the commercial space sector recently opening to private players, these are exciting times for four aerospace start-ups incubated at IISc that are producing cutting-edge technology   Neha Satak and Prasad HL Bhat first crossed paths as Masters’ students in 2006 at the Department of Aerospace at IISc. While Satak went on to pursue a […]