Beyond Brick and Mortar

Unique centre at IISc’s Challakere campus exemplifies sustainable construction   The temperature was a sizzling 40°C on the morning of 24 April when I reached the IISc campus in Challakere. Summers in this area have become worse in recent years. The sweltering heat was becoming unbearable as I made my way past various buildings to […]

‘My time at IISc allowed me to forge enduring friendships’

Moving from serene Coorg to bustling Bangalore, Ranganayaki Mallur Krishnaswamy forged a career path unusual for women in her time. Born to a renowned veterinary doctor in Coorg in 1948, she finished her schooling in Pollibetta Taluk and later completed a Pre-University Course (PUC) in the small town of Virajpet, Karnataka. Despite the challenges of […]

Behind the Beams

Technicians at MBU’s X-ray facility are crucial to maintaining the high-end equipment   On pushing open the yellow door marked with a bright radiation hazard sign, a wave of cool air belched out by 20 year-old air conditioners greets you. You can hear the low-pitched hum of compressors and generators, also 20 year-old occupants of […]

Red Rover

IISc’s UG students are designing a prototype that could help scientists explore Mars, as part of an international competition   In the Old Physics Building, tensions are running high. Tucked away in a corner of the first floor, the workspace is crammed with batteries, pipes and boxes. Amidst the disorganised and dusty shelves, a group […]

Dancing with Sticks and Swords

Kalari club nurtures the cultural practice on campus   It was the inaugural event of Rhapsody, an annual fest of IISc, in July 2023. The JN Tata auditorium was packed with an ecstatic audience looking forward to a cultural extravaganza. Draped in red-and-black costumes, resembling ancient warriors, the members of the IISc Kalaripayattu club marched […]

Staying in STEM

A training programme seeks to inculcate scientific curiosity in women students from far-flung areas   I was running late. I hurried to the seminar hall in the Department of Developmental Biology and Genetics (DBG). The orientation session, which was scheduled for 10 am, had already started when I reached, so I sneaked in silently, hoping […]

Keeping a Clean Lab

Twenty years ago, T Chandrashekar joined PB Seshagiri’s lab at the Department of Developmental Biology and Genetics or DBG (earlier called Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics) as a lab assistant. Since then, he has helped countless students with their research by prepping their worktables every day. Along the way, he worked at different labs in […]