From Boon to Bane: The Changing Face of Assam’s Floods

With each passing year, floods in Assam have become increasingly catastrophic, driven by a combination of socio-political factors and climate change   The Udalguri district in Assam, which shares an international border with Bhutan, has historically been an area largely unaffected by extreme climate. But in recent times, this district, like many others across the […]

Tale of Two Rivers

How pollutants like microplastics and fertilisers are damaging riverine ecosystems   It’s 2022, which means that if the word “river” crops up in a conversation among college students, it would most likely be in the context of a Buzzfeed quiz that seeks to categorise them into a type of river. With the vast number of […]

Water: The Elixir of Life

The tiny molecule that wears many hats inside our body   A memory brings a smile as I gulp down water to quench my thirst. School, science class, and tiny desks. Our teacher was explaining to us that “water is colourless, odourless, and tasteless.” “But miss, I can taste water!” one of my classmates piped […]