What are Field Stations and Why do Ecologists Need Them?

A peek into the challenges of working in the wild “Field stations are absolutely crucial to the success of ecological research,” says Professor Rohini Balakrishnan, head of the Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES). They form so vital a part of ecologists’ work that Kartik Shanker, Associate Professor at CES, says they’ve “internalised it”. “They are […]

This Renewable Energy Tech Travelled All the Way From IISc to Antarctica

Organic photovoltaic cells made at IISc were tested in the harsh environs of the world’s southernmost continent “Things were not going well, but he [Monto Mani, Associate Professor, Centre for Sustainable Technologies] did not let go. He went around arranging for the packaging, got me out of bed at 10 pm, and got me and my […]