Blowin’ in the Wind

The influence of wind currents on humans and non-humans   Chennai. 13 December 2016. I woke up in the morning and headed to the tea stall nearby for my daily dose of morning chai. It was windier than usual: my outfit ruffled heavily, and the umbrella I was carrying to protect me from the drizzle […]

In Search of Drinking Water

Researchers at IISc are working on innovative solutions to improve water quality   In August 2011, K Kesava Rao, Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, visited the village of Yellampalli, about 100 km north of Bangalore. The residents of the village were faced with a huge problem: water scarcity. To make matters worse, the […]

Food For Thought

Owners, students and faculty share their stories of IISc’s eateries   Anindo Roy stood aghast as the excavator pulled down Prakruthi Veg, considered by many an iconic canteen in the campus. “It didn’t feel good. It was like the main building suddenly disappeared,” the PhD student of Materials Engineering says. “All the alumni I speak […]